Who We Are

Like any great cause or event in history, there is a story to be told and this is the story of how our humble organization came to be. The above video tells the story, or you can also read the extract below.

It all started when Laylo was grocery shopping at Longos in the reduced priced food aisle and began to wonder about what happens to all the good fruits and vegetables that don’t get sold?

Laylo went home and began to research and was shocked to find out that almost 60% of food produced in Canada goes to waste, while 1 in 8 Canadians faces food insecurity. Being a mom and an environmentalist she could not believe this was happening. She decided that she must do something to get the surplus food from grocery stores to give to those in need.

Initially, she had no idea what would be an ideal solution to bridge the gap between surplus food being thrown out and people facing food insecurity. After brainstorming with her husband about her ideas and plans, together they started a non-profit organization in December of 2017. It started with them gathering surplus food and used clothing and redistributing to homeless shelters in different communities.

After seeing the impact it made and the need for it in the community, she decided that more needs to be done and decided to adopt a Community Fridge Model she came across in her research, the only difference is that this Community Fridge would be for surplus food only. And thus this became the main mission of the Road to Zero Waste Organization (RTZW).

Who are we?

We are ordinary everyday individuals who want to see change and decided to do something about it, while we started out as a husband and wife team, today we have over 100 volunteers who help daily to keep our mission going and our organization alive.

Our Mission

Simply put our mission is to collect surplus food from food chains such as grocery stores, restaurants, events, caterers, etc. and redistribute it to our community fridges for members of the community. Helping members in need and reducing waste at the same time.

Our short term goal is to establish community fridges all across the GTA preferably in neighborhoods that need it the most.

Our Long term goal is to redistribute surplus food from North America to the needy continents, crisis-induced areas like Yemen, Africa, Syria, etc.