zero waste community fridge

Donate to Our Fridge

Do you have extra food and would like to donate to our Community Fridges?

Road to Zero Waste is a registered charity organization that offers a free service powered by our dedicated team of volunteers. Whenever a food vendor has food ready for pickup they reach out to our volunteer fridge supervisor closest to their location and our pick up and delivery volunteers pick up these unsold foods and quickly redeploy it to our local community fridges.

  • Would you issue a tax receipt or any letter?
    We can give an acknowledging letter of the donations. As we only give tax receipts for monetary donations or labor, we don’t give for food that would otherwise go to waste at the moment.
  • Who would consume our food if we donate?
    Fridges are located in low-income communities and mostly homeless, disabled, single mothers, new immigrants, or financially struggling families would benefit from the fridge food.
  • What do you need to raise money for? Which projects?
    We raise money for community fridges that we continuously launch in low-income communities across GTA, and soon all across Canada.
    We also raise funds for other administrative costs to keep our project alive like flyers, social media, and equipment, supplies like containers or cleaning supplies.
  • How many volunteers do you have?
    We have roughly 100 volunteers.
  • How do you pick up food donations? What’s your capacity or size of the Van or Truck?
    At the moment our organization does not have a truck, but volunteers use their Vans or other vehicles to pick up and deliver donations to our fridges. Our acceptance capacity is limited to what can fit into a Van.
  • Are we liable for the damage or any harm to your customers?
    No, under the Donation of Food Act, 1994, Food donors are exempt from any liability for any food given in good faith. (click on the link to read the full act)
  • Schedules for pick up?
    You tell us the best timing that works for you and how often and we will set up a separate schedule for your donations and link volunteers for timely pickups. Note: we don’t send volunteers to pick up donations if the weight is less than 5lbs.
  • What kind of food do you take and best before dates etc?
    Click here to go to the fridge guidelines page of what’s accepted and not accepted in our Fridge.
    Also, dairy should be close to the best before or only 1 day past. Dry food items like cereals, chips, or any non-perishable foods can be taken up to.6 months past the best before date even 1 year depending on what food item is it.
  • Where are our community fridges located?
    Click here to be taken to our Fridges Location page.