Volunteer Opportunities

We are powered by volunteers, so no matter who you are, or what your skill set is, give us a call lets chat!

We need volunteers to help in the following fields:

1. Awareness team members- spread awareness about food waste in Canada and the ways to avoid it. Be able to speak in public.

2. Delivery volunteer- be able to drive and deliver donations to fridges, and be able to lift about 15 lbs or more of boxes.

3. Social media and website development.

4. An outreach person to procure more donors, skillful in conversation and be able to bring in more donors for our sites.

5. Help with creating better quality brochures and flyers or any other details that help our media.

6. Blogger/writer to create articles or posts for our blog with useful advice for the public on how to reduce waste at home, share recipes, etc.

Fill out an application form today!

Have thoughts or ideas of other ways you can help us or contribute? We are open to ideas and suggestions, fill out an application today and we will be in touch to chat more!